COVID-19 Update March 17th

You probably have heard that the new guidelines sent out by the CDC to not meet with groups of 50 or more for 8 weeks and the new rule by the White House to not meet in groups of 10+ for two weeks. In light of this information and in consultation with members who are in the healthcare field, the pastors and deacons have decided that we need to move WORSHIP TO ONLINE ONLY for at least the next month and LIFE GROUPS to DIGITAL MEETINGS for at least two weeks. At the end of these times we will re-evaluate based on current guidelines. We are also Cancelling our Easter Egg Hunt.


Brothers and sisters, Christians should never be motivated by fear, not when we serve the Sovereign Lord of the Universe. But there’s a crucial difference between fear and prudence, and in this case love for our neighbors compels us to join our nation’s extraordinary efforts to minimize contact between people in order to slow the spread of this virus and “flatten the curve” of the pandemic.  We are not cancelling our services because we ourselves, as Christians, are afraid to get sick or even afraid to die.  God forbid!  “To live is Christ, and to die is gain.”  Rather, we are moving to online meetings because we believe it is imperative for us to be a part of our society’s response to this virus that, at best, will be serious for the most vulnerable, and, at worst, could put even more people at risk by creating a severe and sudden spike in demand on our health care system.  So don’t be afraid or fearful, brothers and sisters.  Read God’s Word, remember God’s promises, help those who are needy, and trust in God.  He is sovereign overall, and he loves you dearly.


Our Pastors and Deacons are in the midst of plans to help with communication and staying connected. This in many ways will depend on you as members helping us with both. This is a challenging new time and is causing us to do lots of extra work, but in the end, we hope we see God grow us closer and reach our community even during these difficult days. So please join us as we all work intentionally to stay connected.


What we are Doing

  • All of our services will be available online streaming and to watch later. This has been an incredible effort so please be patient as we continue to get better every week. The Livestream and video is available on Facebook Live, Twitter (HebronBaptist), the church website (, as well as through BOXCAST.TV or the BoxCast App on Apple TV, FireTv, and Roku. For those who are unable to watch online we will be willing to make a DVD that can be picked up or delivered to you on Monday after noon. We will also be glad to come by and show you how to play the DVD or get online.
  • We are setting up a way to contact and have communication with our members regularly during this time. We are also trying to find ways to better communicate with members who do not do email and internet.
  • We are looking for alternative ways for our LIFE Groups to meet together under these new restrictions either by livestream or smaller groups.
  • Deacons and Life Groups will help serve each other if needs arise. If you have to stay home for a period of time, let us know and we would love to serve you.


Things You Can Do


  • Pray and Read your Bible
  • We know this is COVID-19 outbreak is a health and SPIRITUAL matter.
  • Pray for God to eradicate the virus and for those effected to be healed. Pray for each other that we would be people of great faith and trust in God and that we would be faithful during this time.
  • Pray that God will get us back together quickly.
  • Read the Bible and grow in your trust in God. God may have us here in this time to slow down and connect to him through His word.

  • Worship
  • Worship through the livestream “LIVE” on Sundays and participate. Sing, pray and listen to the word actively. We plan to email out lyric sheets and other helps as you participate in worship.
  • We encourage you to worship on Sundays because we are all free and should give our Sundays to the Lord. Also, if this drags on, you could be tempted to get out of the habit of worship that would be detrimental to you and your family. Keep a standard time to worship and stay tuned in to gather weekly in worship with your church

  • Give
  • Please remember to give financially to the ministry of the church during this time. We still need to keep the lights on, the internet going for livestreaming to take place, and salaries of our staff to continue.  Plus, we have 3,800 International Missionaries and 3,800 North American Missionaries that we support through your giving and they need our financial support. I have heard many reports about people stopping their financial commitments but I know that you will continue to be generous during this time because of the great gift that we have receive in Christ. Since you cannot give in person, here are three ways to give:
  • You can come to the office and drop off your offering in the lock box in the hallway Monday through Thursday 9am-4:30pm or Fridays 9am-Noon.
  • We encourage you to give online through our secure webpage. This may be a good time to set up re-occurring giving so that if you are sick or on vacation, you can still give to missions and the ministry of the church. You can give a one-time gift or set up your tithe and re-occurring giving at
  • Text the word “GIVE” to 859-209-6191 and you will be sent a link to give.
  • We also ask that you remember the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. 100% of this offering supports our missionaries, church planters, and partners like Redeeming Life Church in Utah and Real Life Bible Church in Boston. Please give to this offering generously. Just select “Annie Armstrong” when you give online.

  • Connect
  • Contact your Deacon, Life Group Leader, or the church office if you have a need for food or you need help. Many people want to serve and help during this time. We will get you what you need but cannot if we do not know your need so please REACH OUT TO US!
  • Make unique ways to connect to each other in smaller groups.
  • Maybe your LIFE Group can meet in smaller groups.
  • Maybe you can meet with church members in smaller groups.
  • We will be helping you with tools for LIFE Groups to connect virtually together. Whatever time your LIFE Group is supposed to meet keep that time open for a digital get together for prayer and encouragement. Don’t stay unconnected as statistics show how vital your small group is to your connection to the church.
  • We will be making extra content videos for you during this time. So, watch and share. We want to connect to you and with you and you will be able to find these and access them with the hope to encourage you. These will be included on the DVD if you do not have internet connection.
  • We advise that if you meet in smaller groups you still consider the CDC has said that older adults (60 years +) and those who have chronic medical conditions like: heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and lung disease should consider not being around carriers. Do not be careless.  God has called us to a life of wisdom. Follow the advice of health care experts about staying home if you are sick.

  • Serve and Share the Gospel
  • Look for ways to serve church members and neighbors who have needs. If they need supplies or food, let others know or help get them what they need.
  • Look for way to help your neighbors and see if they have any needs or help. Look for opportunities to have spiritual conversations. This is a time to share the hope that we have with in us. (1 Peter 3:15)
  • Host your missional meals as part of our 20 in 2020. This is a great time to focus on inviting people in small groups to connect and share the gospel.


Remember there is nothing new under the sun. The church through history has faced challenges before and we will do it together. God is still God and the church will still be the church. My prayer is our love for one another will grow greater and there will be a thirst to come back together and drive us in unity together when this passes. God is in control and this is for a reason. We are praying that at the end of this we have ALL grown closer to the Lord and people have come to faith in His Son. We will alert you by email, website, and Facebook if anything changes.