We were designed as God’s people to gather and finally, beginning on Sunday, May 24th, we will be able be gather for worship BOTH In-Person and On-line at 10:30am. Due to guidelines by CDC and KY Health, we will still not be doing On-Campus LIFE Groups, Children, or Nursery ministries for a few more weeks. However, we will be able to worship in the building in a limited capacity. We are busy in preparation and getting everything ready for you to join us. Here is an update on some things that will be different when you return. 

Survey Results

Thank you to those of you that participated in our member survey. We learned that 56% of respondents will return at first opportunity but with some concerns and precautions. ONLY 4 respondents will come back right away with no precautions. The remainder will be slowly coming back in the next few weeks and possibly months.


With this knowledge we looked at what precautions our members were going to make and what precautions they would like the church to take. The precautions that covered 95% of precautions our members will take when they return are:

  • Avoid shaking hands
  • Avoid physical Contact
  • Sit/Stand 6ft from others
  • Avoid Crowded hallways
  • Bring Sanitizer
  • Wear a Mask


The following are expectations of 95% of our members for what precautions our church should take were as follows:

  • Social distancing in the sanctuary
  • Discourage handshaking/physical contact
  • Prop open doors
  • Social distancing small groups
  • Provide hand sanitizer stations
  • New methods for Lord’s Supper and Offering
  • Limit handouts

Re-Opening Safety Measures

Our re-opening team took your feedback and also consulted both CDC guidelines and Kentucky guidelines for churches to re-open. We decided to follow only the guidelines that both agencies agree on to make sure we are doing our best to make HBC a safe environment. The following are the safety measures that will be our guide during re-opening:

  1. We will continue our on-line worship services for those who are not able to return and waiting to return for health concerns.
  2. Please if you know you have been exposed to Covid-19, have a fever of 100.4 or above, have been sick or feel sick please stay home.
  3. Those who are in the vulnerable population (65+ years old those with heart, lung, and diabetes) are free to attend only if you and your family believe it is safe for you. Vulnerable people should consider staying at home and should follow their doctor’s guidance.
  4. To maintain social distancing, we have marked seats 6ft. apart to accommodate our families. Worship will be held in BOTH the Sanctuary and the Fellowship Hall so more people will be able to worship in person. We will use the Eventbrite system to have people reserve their seats. Members/Guests will need to make reservations each week
  5. Wearing a mask will be required (exceptions made for medical conditions) for interactions throughout the building and congregational singing. We understand this may be uncomfortable for some, but it is an opportunity for us to show care for the more vulnerable among us. Please bring your own mask with you if possible, but we will have a limited supply of masks to provide if needed.
  6. We will ask you to refrain from handshaking, hugs, and contact with others outside your household.
  7. We will have door propped open, sanitizing stations, and no bulletins or other handouts.
  8. Offering will not be taken up by offering plates. There will be boxes in the back of the sanctuary and Fellowship Hall for our members to give financially to the church.
  9. We will use pre-packaged Lord’s Supper elements the next time we take Communion.
  10. For a while the choir will not be performing as it is unsafe to socially distance for practice and performing.
  11. Children, Youth, Life Groups, and other groups will not meet on-campus until further phases of re-opening and the lifting of social distancing rules.
  12. We are welcoming children into worship and glad that they will join us. Parents please keep your children with you at all times. There are changing tables in our restrooms available. If you have the need to go out with your children, the Toddler Room and cry room upstairs as well as Room 102 downstairs will be open for families. There will be limited capacity for families in each room.
  13. The Playground is CLOSED, please do not let your children on them. We know that this is a major bummer but there is no way for us to safely disinfect the equipment.
  14. Bathrooms will be open with no capacity limit, but we ask you try to avoid using them here as much as possible. 
  15. We have upgraded our HVAC system with new technology to ionize the air that kills viruses, bacteria, mold, dust, and allergens. This upgrade will help keep the air cleaner as we worship together. 

Most of this information, was also covered in a video that can be found here: by scrolling down to the video “Reopening Live Services” Video

Seat Reservations for Worship

Due to social distancing rules by CDC and State, we have limited seating available. (approx. 78 can fit in the Sanctuary and 60 in the Fellowship Hall. There is only room for 22 family units to sit safely in the sanctuary. We have done our best to make sure there is a variety of groups that can be in the sanctuary. (36% of seating for groups of 1, 45% of groups of 2-3, 18% of groups 4-5, and 9% of groups 6+)  We are limited and everyone will have to know that they will spend some Sundays in the Fellowship Hall for worship. Great effort has been made for this to be a good experience. We will do our best to monitor the seating and make sure that no one has to be in the Fellowship Hall every Sunday.


Each week we will send out a website link via email to get your free tickets for worship in the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall. If you do not receive an email by 9am on Wednesdays, please email In your family, please designate 1 person to reserve seats to avoid dual reservations.


As seating is extremely limited, please reserve seats for only the members of your household who will be attending with you. There will be no nursery or childcare available, so your children will need to be included in your reservation. If seating for your household size is not available, please use Fellowship Hall general seating.


If your seats are located in the Fellowship Hall, please park downstairs, and please enter the building from the downstairs entrances. This will help us avoid congestion in the lobby and upper parking lot and aid us in maintaining social distance.


If you have any questions or concerns with this process, please email or call the church office. 

Worship Service Procedures

  • Arrive early to help with hallway traffic and getting to your seat.
  • Please bring your mask and wear it upon entering the building. If you do not have one we will provide one for you. Please keep it on until instructed otherwise.
  • Please go straight to your seat and do not gather in the hallways or foyer. 

If your reservations are in the Sanctuary, please park upstairs and enter in the main doors.

  • Please bring your printed ticket or email to show on your phone. You will scan your tickets as you arrive.
  • Pay attention to the section of your seat. Follow the signs to enter the correct doors to enter the sanctuary.
  • In the sanctuary, all sections and rows are marked. Ushers will assist you in finding your seat.
  • Stay in your seat and only leave your seat if you have to attend to a child or go to the bathroom.
  • At the end of the service, ushers will dismiss you by row. Please go straight outside. Feel free to visit and talk socially distanced once you have exited the building. 

If your reservations are in the Fellowship Hall, please park downstairs and enter in marked entrance.

  • Enter at either the North and South Entrance downstairs. Please do not enter into the Fellowship Hall through the glass doors.
  • The entrance to the Fellowship Hall, to have your tickets scanned will be at the door near the Elevator.
  • There, an usher will direct you to your reserved seat.
  • Stay in your seat and only leave your seated area if you have to attend to a child or go to the bathroom.
  • At the end of the service, ushers will dismiss you by row. Please go straight outside. Feel free to visit and talk socially distanced once you have exited the building.
  • Parents- please keep your children from getting on the playground equipment. We understand this will be especially hard while in the Fellowship Hall. We cannot sanitize the equipment for safety. 

A helpful video that can be found here: by scrolling down to the video “Church Safety Walkthrough” Video that will make you more comfortable with out layout for Sunday Mornings.