My Sunday Morning at HBC

Worship 10:30am

Families with Children

  • When you come into church go down the hall way on your right to check in your child(ren) at the desk at the Nursery. They will check in your child for a safety pick up tag and direct you to the correct rooms safely. Someone there will escort you to the age appropriate room.
  • In warm weather, we often give our younger kids time to play on the playground. Parents may want to consider this in clothing and shoe choices for Sunday. 
  • If you would like to ask more questions about Sunday mornings, please email

1st Time Guests

  • As you enter there will be greeters that will welcome and assist you if you have any questions.
  • To your left as you enter is coffee available. 
  • The NEXT STEPS Desk is where you will find someone to answer all your questions about our ministries. 
  • One your first visit, please fill out a Connect Card. When you have filled this out you can stop by the Next Steps Desk and pick up a gift. 


  • We believe we are commanded to gather as an assembly of believers to worship God. In our services we utilize all elements the Bible gives us for worship: bible readings, prayer, congregational singing, and a sermon.
  • Our music is led by a band and praise singers and we sing a mixture of current worship songs and hymns and classic hymns.
  • Our members dress anywhere from jeans to business casual. 

Save some Time and fill this out before you arrive