My Sunday Morning at HBC


Worship 10:30am

In person and Online

All Life Groups are both in person and online.

General Guidelines

  • We continue to encourage masks when entering the building, moving around, and during singing.
  • Three sections of the sanctuary seating will be open to maintain 3 ft. distancing. Every pew row will be available to sit in. (except modified rows for cameras and lights)
  • Attenders have the option in these pews to choose their own spacing based on their comfort and health level. Some may choose close proximity and others farther.
  • Attenders have the option to sit in these rows with your circle of exposure (ie. family, Life Groups, church friends, etc. in which you have already been in close proximity)
  • The section of seating closest to the piano side of the stage (left as you enter) will be designated our “strict social-distancing” area along with our Fellowship Hall venue. In this section we will keep the ribbons in place in between rows and other spacers to designate 6 ft. of social-distancing. The Fellowship Hall will remain keep its 6 ft. social-distancing lay out.
  • If you would like to maintain 6 ft. distancing and our “strict social-distancing” is at capacity, our greeters will have spacers that you may use in other pews.
  • We encourage you if you have felt sick, have a fever, been exposed to someone with Covid-19, or have tested positive for Covid-19 to worship online for the health of your church family.
  • Online worship will continue for those who are waiting to get their vaccines or for health reasons (for you or your family members) need to stay home.


  • We have activities at 10:30am for ages birth through 2nd grade. 
  • We have limited our capacity for children to maintain safe protocols. If you are our guest for the first time, we will will have a spot for your child. 
  • When you come into church go down the hall way on your right to check in your child(ren) at the desk at the Nursery. They will get you and you child to the correct rooms safely. 
  • If you would like to be put on our email list to get reservations for your children going forward, please email  

Covid-19 Seating Videos