HBC Biblical Soul Care

At Hebron Baptist Church we invite those in personal or relational conflict to take your next step to Biblical Soul care.

Contact Pastor Shawn to be assigned to a counselor. 


Soul Care’s method is to intersect the issues of life with the power of the written Word (the Bible) and the living Word (Jesus) to change the life of an unbeliever to a believer that they may walk in holiness (the Spirit).


Soul Care’s aim is to get underneath the veneer of life to spiritual root causes, to share the transforming message of the gospel, and to see people’s lives radically be transformed.


1.    HBC believes that we will continually grow in our understanding of the life-changing reality of the gospel.


2.    HBC believes we will boldly proclaim that hope for real life change is found through Jesus Christ.


3.    HBC believes we will call people to radical life change in every ministry venue.


4.    HBC believes we will embrace the fact that real life change is something everyone must be involved in personally and in the lives of the people around them.


5.    HBC believes we will celebrate the role of the Word, the body of Christ, and individual believers in the partnership for life change.


6.    HBC believes we will value the role of preventive and intensive life change and invite our people to be part of the solution in formal and informal relationships.


7.    HBC believes we will train all our people in the use of the Word so that they are equipped to be catalysts for change in their realm of influence.


8.    HBC believes we will rely on the Spirit and the Word through the power of prayer to change the lives of others we have contact with.


Since the gospel offers real hope through a life-changing relationship with Jesus, we want HBC to reflect the reality, power, and experience of real life change personally and through caring for the souls of others and non-believers.