Send Cities

The Lord is drawing people back to cities. More than half the worlds populations currently live in cities and the percentage continues to increase. We partner with the North American Mission Board (NAMB) to support a couple SEND cities out of the 32 they have identified. These cities have been labeled SEND cities due to the lostness and lack of churches in these particular cities. Hebron Baptist Church currently supports Cincinnati and Salt Lake City. 


Being a church that is close to Cincinnati we love supporting local church planters. Currently we support The Oaks and Voyager Church. We have a heart for Cincinnati and strive to support both of these planters to the best of our abilities. If you want to be of assistance to SEND Cincinnati or serve these planters with us let us know! To learn more about SEND Cincinnati and why this city needs revival please click here.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a spiritual desert! The city is only 2.2 percent evangelical and less than 1 percent Southern Baptist. There is lots of work to be done in Salt Lake City. We have a passion and burden for the people who live there and desire to see the gospel overwhelm the city. We currently support Redeeming Life Church and have seen some amazing works of God occur through this church ministry. This church reaches out to some of the forgotten people of Salt Lake City. To learn more about the SEND Salt Lake City initiative click here


The opportunity to reach and guide a lost generation is here. Of the estimated 5.9 million people living in the metro area of Boston, the majority identify as Catholics. The second largest group is comprised of those who claim no religious affiliation. Many people live alone or individually, not as part of a family, and the number of single-parent families is high as well. The city is home to only 156 Southern Baptist congregations, which leaves the city with only one Southern Baptist church for every 38,179 people. We currently support Redeeming Life Bible Chapel and have seen some amazing works of God occur through this church ministry. To learn more about the SEND Boston initiative click here

More Information

For more information regarding serving or attending a trip to our SEND City partners click here for trips or contact our missions pastor. If you are interested in learning more about the SEND City initiative click here.